• Agency Director: Peg Feistel
  • Daycare Director: Anita Henry
  • Special Education Administrator: Kristi Balcom
  • Medicaid Compliance Officer: Chelsea VanArnam
  • Human Resources / Billing: Sonia Merryman
  • Office Manager / Daycare Billing: Chris Crawford
  • Staff Nurse: Rileigh Sweeney
  • Custodian: Kevin Patchen

3YO Full Day Pre-K Program

  • Family Worker: Louis Feistel
  • Benchmark Classroom
    Teacher: Tiffany Hart
    Assistants: Cindy Babel
  • Ohio Classroom
    Teacher: Christina Scordo
    Assistants: Erica Washburn and Kimberly Millan

4YO Full Day Pre-K Program

  • Family Worker: Louis Feistel
  • BOCES Classroom
    Teacher: Kimberly Braman
    Assistants: Dana Washer
  • Ohio Street Classroom
    Teacher: Lindsey Canfield
    Assistants: Jarron Vernum and Kaylee Hunt
  • Benchmark Classroom
    Teacher: Megan LaSage
    Assistants: Carolyn Chamberlain and Marie Gautier

8:1:1 Classroom

  • Regular Education Teacher: Heather Burchett
  • Special EducationTeacher: Patty Stearns
  • Aides: Rona Pomerville, Tabetha Harrington, Cindy Babel, and Kendsie Niederriter

12:1:1 Classroom / Universal Pre-K Program

  • Regular Education Teacher: Rebecca Gould
  • Special Education Teacher: Nicole Liscum
  • Aides: Brittani Patnode, Christy Cosentino, Tonia Lasek, and Tosha Beaumont


  • Rebecca Lugo, Brittani Patnode, Christy Cosentino, and Tonia Lasek